Acéphale and Autobiographical Philosophy in the 21st Century: Responses to the “Nietzsche event”

Today marks the 85th anniversary of the inaugural issue of the Acéphale journal. In celebration, Schism has released a monstrous volume of what Eugene Thacker calls “directions to the forest.” I’m proud to say that one of my older poems, “Hammer and Anvil,” was included among so many great thinkers, writers, and artists.

Check it out here. More info at Schism.

Eyes in the Dust and Other Stories now available for preorder

More info here.

Phantom limbs, porous realities, and strange reflections shifting in black glass. The thirteen stories included in David Peak’s decade-spanning collection explore how memory affects place and place memory, the traumas that haunt bodies like ghosts, and the desperation of needing to be seen and understood by others. Only in pulling back the bloody veil of this world may we be so blessed to see things as they really are—and not as we wish them to be.

With an introduction by Christopher Slatsky.